Product Guarantee Extension Terms and Conditions

All references to “Blain” refer to Blain Hydraulics GmbH based at Paffenstrasse 1, 74078, Germany. The product guarantee extension applies to Blain products purchased new from Blain or any of its re-sellers worldwide. The new products can be registered by providing serial numbers engraved on the product at and submitting all the relevant details requested online. Submission of registration doesn’t automatically qualify as an acceptance and guarantee extension unless confirmed explicitly through an email from Blain.

A. – Terms and conditions

  1. The guarantee extension is effective for the period of 12 months from the date of registration.
  2. The products must have been purchased new from Blain or from any Blain re-sellers worldwide
  3. Blain reserves the right to demand proof of purchase (Invoice) of its products if necessary.
  4. This guarantee extension is non-transferable.
  5. The guarantee extension is only valid if Blain products are used for the intended application and within the scope of technical framework mentioned in its product documentation.
  6. At Blain’s sole discretion, if the product is beyond economical repair, Blain reserves the right to provide the user with a new product of equivalent specification in exchange of the defective product. The remaining original guarantee period will be transferred to the new product.
  7. The guarantee extension doesn’t cover the logistical cost, customs duty or any other cost & taxes which might be applicable. This is within the customer’s scope.
  8. This guarantee is in addition to statutory and other legal rights.
  9. The guarantee extension expires in case the type plate and /or product number is removed, manipulated or any parts of Blain products or the Blain products as such are tempered or misused.
  10. ARBITRATION: Governing Law: – The terms and condition and agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Germany. The court of Arbitration shall be Heilbronn; Germany.

B. – Guarantee extension exclusions

This guarantee is not applicable in cases of:

  1. Non-compliance with safety regulations and / or the manufacturer’s installation, operation and /or maintenance instructions.
  2. Damage resulting from faulty positioning and /or installation, improper use or neglect.
  3. Damage resulting from external influences, oil contamination resulting in wear and tear of oil seals or any other parts and/or any act of God and or transportation.
  4. Damage to solenoid valve and coils.
  5. Fitting of non-approved spare parts and /or repairs carried out by parties without sufficient technical know-how and in non-compliance with industry standard practices and/or without prior approval of Blain.
  6. Cosmetic blemishes e.g. dents and scratches.
  7. Accidental damage.
  8. Products which serial numbers indicate being older than 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
  9. Instances when proof of purchase indicating the date, specification and source of procurement cannot be availed on request.
  10. Registration happens to be from countries which are under sanctions and embargo.
  11. Blain shall not be liable for loss of goods, loss of use or any special, indirect or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising from the non-functionality of its products.

C. – Limitation

Claims made under this guarantee extension within the above guarantee period become time-barred within 6 months after detection of the defect.

D. – Contact Us:

For service and guarantee queries, guarantee or extended warranties, product registration or service and technical advice please contact our customer service team:
Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm Phone: +49 7131 28210 or Email:
Blain Hydraulics GmbH
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