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Table 1
Oil & Motor
Table 2
Power unit
Table 3
Inverter values
Table 4
Motor values

Oil selection

Oil type
100 cSt
25 cSt
ISO VG22 11°C 37°C
ISO VG32 18 °C 46 °C
ISO VG46 25 °C 54 °C
ISO VG68 32 °C 63 °C
Wrong temperature input!

Motor selection

Elevator data

Cylinder diameter [mm] P1-04 Is your pump flow rate: (at 40 bar, 50 cSt)
IF NOT, click and choose
your pump

Number of Cylinder P1-05
Suspend ratio P1-06
Empty car pressure [bar] P1-07
Deceleration parameters
Decel. switch distance 65 [cm]
Decel. curve - start    C2-03 sec
Decel. curve - end    C2-04 sec
Max. frequency    E1-04 Hz
Please enter a value between 50 and 60
Deceleration ramp   C1-02 sec
Pay load [kg] P1-08
Dynamic press.increase P1-09
Nominal speed [m/s] P1-16
Intermediate speed [m/s] P1-17
Please Check:
Inspection speed should be lower then Intermediate speed

Leveling speed should be lower then Inspection speed
Inspection speed [m/s] P1-18    
Leveling speed [m/s] P1-19    
Loaded car pressure [bar]

Pump performance data

Show or hide All parameters

Parameter   Input        Explanation
Pump flow at 100 cSt viscosity & at loaded car pressure [l/min]
Pump flow at 25 cSt viscosity & at loaded car pressure [l/min]
RPM at which pump data sheet was derived
Pump flow at empty car pressure & at 100cSt viscosity
Pump flow at 1 bar pressure & at 100 cSt viscosity
Oil temperature at 100 cSt [°C]
Oil temperature at 25 cSt [°C]
Required flow rate for Nominal speed [l/min]
Required flow rate for Intermediate speed [l/min]
Required flow rate for Inspection speed [l/min]
Required flow rate for Leveling speed [l/min]
Loaded car torque at reference temperature [%]
Manuel input
Blue color parameters below are calculated during TEACH RUN. The given values are approximate. In order to obtained the same calculation results than the drive does, after performing the teach run copy them from the drive.
Reference temperature [°C]
Nominal speed Torque ref. [%] at reference temperature
Leveling speed Torque ref. [%] at reference temperature
Intermediate speed Torque reference
Inspection speed Torque reference
Levelling recovery upper limit
Speed frequencies
Parameter name
Empty car  
P3-01 Nominal speed Hz
P3-02 Intermediate speed Hz Deceleration ramp
P3-03 Inspec speed Hz
P3-04 Leveling speed Hz
P3-07 Leakage Hz
Loaded car  
P3-05 Nominal speed Hz
P3-06 Leveling speed Hz
P3-08 Leakage Hz
Gains Software version      
P8-01 Temperature Gain
P8-02 Torque Gain
P8-03 Gain3
Supply voltage
Motor power
Nomminal current
E1-01 = E2-01 =
E1-04 = E2-02 = Hz
E1-05 = E2-03 =
E1-06 = E2-04 =
E1-07 = E2-05 =
E1-08 = E2-06 =
E1-09 = E2-07 =
E1-10 = E2-08 =
E1-11 = E2-09 =
E1-12 = E2-11 =
E1-13 =

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