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Piston diameter
Oil volume
Motor capacity
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Piston 1 Ø mm:
Piston 2 Ø mm:
Piston 3 Ø mm:
Piston 4 Ø mm:
Piston 5 Ø mm:
Piston Ø mm:
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Transmission :
Speed m/sec:
Pump flow l/min:
Empty cabine kg:
Add load kg:
Pressure (min.) bar:
Pressure (max.) bar:
Piston movm. mm:
Mechanical loss factor(~ 1.3) :
Piston effective Ø mm:
Pump flow l/min:
Speed m/sec:
Piston (effective) area mm2:
Direct single cyli. diameter mm:
Indirect single cyl.diameter mm:
Direct double cyl. diameter mm:
Cabine empty kg:
Add. load kg:
Persons :
Gross weight kg:
Pressure Min. bar:
Pressure Max. bar:
Oil volume (liter):
In connection with Piston movement
Motor power kW:
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