Type TH
250 Watt
1,9 kg

100 – 130 AC Option
200 – 240 AC Option
20° – 25° C Standard (68° – 77°F)
15° – 20° C Option (59° – 68°F)
25° – 30° C Option (77° – 86°F)
35° – 40° C Option (95° – 104°F)

TH tank heaters are intended primarily for application in hydraulic control systems for machine tools, presses, hydraulic elevators, servo systems, etc. where overnight conditions or periods of nonoperation cause the temperature of the hydraulic fluid to fall below desirable levels. The heater is designed to maintain upto approximately 500 litres (130 US gals) of oil in an unheated room at a temperature of +20° C to +25° C (68° F to 77° F).

Through the large heat dissipation area of the housing, the heaters surface temperature remains under 50° C (120° F) and thereby avoids oxidation or premature aging of the oil. The built in thermostat switches the heating element on at an oil temperature of approximately +20° C (68° F) and off again when the oil temperature has risen to approximately +25° C (77° F). Should the heater in an unsubmerged state be subject to an ambient temperature of under 20° C (68° F), it will switch on for a short period of time before switching off again as heat is conducted through the housing to the thermostat. Under this condition, the hottest surface temperature of the heater will not exceed 90° C (190° F).