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Valvole di controllo Blain sono utilizzati:

  • Ascensori
  • Società di ascensori
  • montacarichi
  • Sistemi di Car-Parking

Blain Hydraulics GmbH offers you:

  • Valvole di comando
  • Valvole contro la rottura di tubi
  • Componenti come pompe e motori
  • Accessori come pompe a mano, e altro ancora.

L'esperienza di decenni

Dal 1971 la Ditta Blain Hydraulics si e’ specializzata sul design e la produzione delle piu’ migliori e piu’ sicure valvole di comando per ascensori idraulici. Con piu’ di un mezzo milione di blocchi valvole Blain installate in tutto il mondo, siamo un’impresa di primaria importanza, che offre un ampio spettro d’accessori e soluzioni per l’industria ascensoristica.

Profilo aziendale

Ulteriori informazioni su Blain Hydraulics e vedere il nostro film.


Learn more about our production processes and see our movie.

Liftex Interview

Liftex International exhibition-London 25-26 May 2016  – Interview Anja Blain

Why Blain?

We offer service, consolation and support in various languages.

Multilingual Support: Being a global player, Blain offers support to its customers worldwide in multiple languages making communication with technicians and customers very easy. Blain houses employees from more than 10 different nationalities and appreciates different working and business cultures.

No matter in which time zone you are. We always have a contact person available.

Multiple Time Zones: Customer support across the globe, from Americas to Australia, in different time zones and languages. We always have a contact person available for you, ready to help with any issue or problem.

From order to service, we promise most rapid process of your demand.

Order Processing: Email or fax us your requirements and consider your job done. Dedicated account managers for different countries and continents with expertise in export regulations and documentation, robust ERP system and state of the art manufacturing setup help us process and deliver orders very quickly.

We have a great variety of products in the field of elevator control technology.

Wide Range Of Products:  From mechanical valves to servo electronic valves and state of the art vvvf valves, Blain is the only manufacturer offering complete range of solutions along with safety valves and accessories for hydraulic elevator industry.

In the field of elevator control technology, Blain belongs to the leading manufacturers.

Leading Manufacturer: With over half a million valve in operation worldwide, more than a third of the global market share and a footprint in more than 75 countries, Blain is the biggest manufacturer of control valves for the hydraulic elevator industry.

Calculate various parameters and find the right control valve.

Online Configurator & Calculator: Calculate various parameters and find the right control valve.

INFORMATION NOTE: Unauthorized identical copies of Blain products