Repair and Service


In case if you want to send us the products for servicing or repairs, Kindly supply us before the following information without fail in your email:

  1. Serial number of the valve.
  2. Date of purchase (if known)
  3. Purchased from (if known)
  4. Photograph of the Blain product showing the number plate.
  5. Description of the problem.
  6. Technical data of the hydraulic lift:-
  7. Minimum pressure.
  8. Maximum Pressure.
  9. Effective Pump flow @ the motor RPM.
  10. Type (submersible or external) of motor and RPM.
  11. Coil voltage.
  12. List of accessories.
  13. Your contact details with number.


On receiving the above data, we shall be in a position to advice you the further course of action.

Kindly note that servicing of our products outside gaurantee period and for problems not covered under gaurantee would be on chargable basis.

The products would have to shipped at one of our designated service centres and the cost of logistics would have to be borne by the customer.

Cost of replacing spare parts would be at actuals and cannot be estimated in advance, however before replacements, a cost estimate would be provided for your approval.

Excluding the time in transit, service/repairs may take upto 10 working days.

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